What Should You Do When Your Gas Meter Leaks?

A gas leak is one of the most terrifying things that can happen in your home.

The potential for disaster is tremendous.  Natural gas is highly flammable and a building filled with gas can explode at the most minimal spark.  However, for the most part gas is also very safe.

The smell makes it easy to detect and the safety features help keep risks low.  Every home is equipped with a shut off valve for gas that allows it to be turned off from the main line.

Gas leaks should be reported immediately to Transco.  They will be able to walk you through the needed safety precautions and advise you of how to proceed while you wait for one of their engineers.

Gas meter leaks are actually fairly uncommon.

In most instances the escaped gas is due to an internal problem that must be repaired by the property owner.  Gas meter leaks are usually the result of a problem with an appliance or inside line.

The emergency service will make the property safe, and then recommend service providers for repairs.

We at ADI offer a water leak detection & repair services and no longer provide gas leak detection.

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