Water Leaks on Private Property are the Responsibility of the Property Owner

Plumbing issues on your property are your responsibility.  You are also often responsible for any damage they do to neighboring properties.  Water leaks on private property can cause considerable damage if they are not fixed immediately.  If a gas leak occurs from a join behind the walls, it is unlikely to do damage to external property, but it can cause a massive repair bill for your home.  Water leak detection on private property can range from a simple leaky faucet through a major burst water pipe.  In either instance, you should take immediate steps to repair the problem.

Leaky faucets can cost hundreds of pounds per year as they drip money down the drain.  A burst water pipe can ruin flooring, damage your home furnishings and result in massive cleaning fees.  The cost of water damage is incredible, and rather than ignoring the problem, you should take immediate steps to rectify it.  At ADI, we understand that your pipes don’t always respect your wallet.  We offer highly competitive pricing designed to help you keep your property in good repair.  Don’t wait until a problem reaches disastrous proportions, catch it when it is still small and save yourself the headache.  Contact us on 0800 731 8343 to schedule an inspection and have peace of mind that you won’t wake up one night to a flood in your home.

Internal Gas Leak Detection