The Expense of Underground Leaks

As the population of our country and our planet grows water is becoming more and more of a valuable commodity. I know, I know – look at how much rain falls every year. Surely that’s being stored for use in homes and businesses? You’d think so wouldn’t you but the reality is that the water supply system in the UK is quite literally full of holes and trillions of gallons of water go to waste each year. Plus you have to take into account the amount of water that has to be processed to make it usable again. Simply put it’s going to get harder to find truly clean water by the time the population of Earth reaches the 14 billion people mark.

But long before that time comes you could be not only wasting water but throwing away money at the same time.


Well if you have an underground water leak detection and you’re paying water charges then you’re potentially paying for a lot of water you’re not even using. If you’re using a meter then have you noticed any unusual spikes in what you’re paying. Increases that don’t make sense based on your water use? Or are you seeing your local fixed water rates creeping up each year?

The reality is that it could be down to several homes in the area having undiagnosed water leaks. Now the council might be liable for the repair of this piping but then again they might not. But to make absolutely sure whether or not you have a problem then you should have the piping on your property professional surveyed and investigated by our engineers – especially in more mature housing areas where central heating leak and cracks in pipes are far more likely to happen.

Nobody can afford to waste money these days and leaking water pipes is one very quick and easy way to do that – day in and day out.