How Our Thermal Imaging Cameras Work

Thermal Imaging Cameras are one of the more amazing pieces of technology that we deploy during our gas leak detection work. These cameras work by capturing the infrared radiation given off by different areas of your house based on how hot or cold they are – this type of radiation isn’t visible to the human eye but can be captured in color by this type of camera.

If you want an idea of what a thermal image looks like it’s very similar to how night vision cameras and goggles work. The cameras are designed to basically be able to see where hot or cold spots exist on your things or surfaces. The technology behind them is actually very similar to the FLIR (Forward Looking InfraRed) used by jet fighters and helicopter gunships all over the world believe it or not!

From a leak detection point of view they come in handy for a few reasons. Firstly if we’re trying to locate a pipe behind a wall a thermal imaging camera (TIC) can help us find the exact location instead of just a standard pipe/wall stud detector.

If we’re trying to track down the source of a leak in your heating system then thermal imaging cameras comes into play there too for obvious reasons.

And last but not least when it comes to a water leak these cameras can help us identify “cold” spots on your walls and ceilings that are most likely due to a water leak of some kind. We can actually see underneath the paint and plaster to identify those small problems that will eventually become a major headache for you.

So as you can see ADI don’t rely on guess work to help you solve your leak problem – we use cutting edge technology instead.