Fixing Leaks in Baxi Fireplace Back Boilers Requires Expertise

Energy concerns have led many home owners to install Baxi fireplace back boilers.  These compact boilers install behind the fireplace to provide central heat and hot water.  They are fully capable of providing enough heat and hot water for a standard home.  They are also available in several different fuel options.  For those that are fully committed to reducing their carbon footprint, these back boilers can be operated with only solid fuel.  They can also be run using natural gas or oil.  It is important to note that back boilers operating on solid fuel will only be able to provide hot water when the fire is lit, meaning that in the summer, hot water will not be as readily available.

These systems work by using the same system that provides heat to also provide hot water.  Since many systems use the warmed water to provide radiant heat it is a good use of the existing needs.  Fixing central heating leak in Baxi fireplace back boilers is no task for the inexperienced, and gas leak are the most likely repair need.  These boilers are sturdy and reliable, so regular maintenance is all that is required.  If fixing leaks in Baxi fireplace back boilers becomes needed, don’t wait!  Contact ADI specialists on 0800 731 8343 for leak detectionand repair services for your Baxi boiler today! Don’t wait till you know that there is a massive problem.

Water Leak detection - Internal