Expert plumbing leak detection Norfolk residents can trust

When it comes to expert plumbing & leak detection, Norfolk residents need look no further than ADI. With our high tech detection equipment and expertise to repair plumbing leaks quickly and efficiently, you will be able to rest assured that your leak central heating problems will be detected and repaired with speed and by experts in the field.

When you call out an ADI engineer to detect and repair plumbing leaks you can be sure that you will receive a professional and friendly service. Our engineers will come equipped with sophisticated detection tools and equipment, which will enable them to locate the leak without having to take invasive measures such as pulling up boards or knocking holes into your walls.

Once the gas leak repairs has been located by our engineer the repair can be sorted out with speed and efficiency, so you won’t be left waiting around for the problem to be sorted out and the job to be completed. Our engineers will be able to use their high tech equipment to detect water leaks in conventional heating systems and combi boilers, water supply pipes, in fact, wherever the water leak is stemming from we will use our variety of leak detection methods to identify it so that it can be sorted out without delay.

For a quality service, expert tradesman-ship and speedy, efficient service when it comes to leak detection and repair, contact ADI on 08007313843.

Leak Detection Services